1050E Automatic die cutting machine

1050E Automatic die cutting machine

1050E Automatic Die Cutting Machine is the greatest research and development and manufacturing of new equipment with a higher degree of intelligence.
This machine adopts numerous advanced pneumatic and servo driving processing technology from abroad. After the strict assembly quality control, it has advantage of simple operation and safe reliable.
It could crease and die cutting after printing products, such as more than 80g/m2 paper, cardboard, corrugated paper below 4mm, pasting paper, laminating paper and so on.
Good quality and design make machine work stably and safety when machine’s speed reach 7500 sheets/h. This machine will provide you to enjoy the comfortable operation and faster return on investment.

Machine Parameters
Max. Paper Size 1050×750 mm
Min. Paper Size 400×360 mm
Max. Cutting Size 1040×720 mm
Inner Chase Size 1080×745 mm
Steel Plate Size 1080×736 mm
Processed Materials Cardboard:80~2000 g/m²
Corrugated Paper:≤4mm
Max. Pressure 300 N/cm²
Gripper Margin 8 mm
Max. Working Speed 7500 s/h
Total Power 20 kw
Total Weight 16.0 T
Dimension (L×W×H) 6000×4200×2100 mm
No. Accessory Brand Origin
1 Photoelectric Switch SUNX Japan
3 Button SCHNEIDER France
4 A.C. Contactor SIEMENS Germany
6 Electric Horn QLIGHT Korea
7 Magnetic Valve SMC Japan
8 Oil-water Separator AIRTAC Taiwan
9 Motor Breaker SIEMENS Germany
10 Main Motor TECO Taiwan
11 Gear Motor CPG Taiwan
12 Oil Pressure Switch ARK Korea
13 Pneumatic Clutch OMPI Italy
14 Paper Feed Clutch MIKIPULLEY Japan
15 Torque Limiter JASU Taiwan
16 Indexing Drives TAN TZU Taiwan
17 Vacuum Pump EUROVAC Taiwan
18 Feeder YONGCHUAN Taiwan
19 Feeder Nozzle SILENT Sweden
20 Tooth Row Drive Chain RENOLD/IWIS Britain/Germany
21 Other Drive Chain TYC Taiwan
22 Tooth Row JASU Taiwan
23 Bearing FALA/IKO Germany/Japan
24 Rotary Joints DEUBLIN America
25 Timing Belt MEGADYNE Italy
26 Paper Feed Belt CODONBELT Switzerland
27 Mould Coil Spring TOHATSU Japan
28 Worm&Worm Wheel LIMING Taiwan
29 Oil Temp.Conditioning System WLP Taiwan
30 Cooling Fan SUNON Taiwan
31 Pull lay JASU Taiwan
32  Lubrication Pump JIGUANG Taiwan
33 Encoder OMRON Japan
34 Sealing Ring CTY Germany
35 Frequency Converter HPMONT Joint-venture
36 Body Material Ductile Iron QT600-3  


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