1080E Automatic Creasing and Die Cutting Machine

1080E Automatic Creasing and Die Cutting Machine

This machine adopts numerous advanced pneumatic and servo driving processing technology from abroad. After the strict assembly quality control, it has advantage of simple operation and safe reliable.
It could crease and die cutting after printing products, such as 0.1-3mm paper, cardboard, corrugated paper below 4mm, pasting paper, laminating paper and so on. Good quality and design make machine work stably and safety when machine’s speed reach 7500 sheets/h. This machine will provide you to enjoy the comfortable operation and faster return on investment.

1. Adopt programmable controller, it is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, die-cutting, delivery, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring.
2. Using unique cam intermittent construction designed by computer, which ensures die-cutting precision and gripper bars processing stability.
3. The main motor is controlled by transducer, which achieves step-less speed regulation and smooth operation.
4. The bearings and chain of main driving, PLC, transducer and all kinds of electric switches are imported ones with good quality.
5. Many sensors and safe devices are set on the machine to ensure the normal operation and human safety.

Model LH-1080
Max. Paper Size 1080x780mm
Min. Paper Size 400x370mm
Max. Cutting Size 1060×760mm
Max. Cutting Speed 7500 sheets/h
Die-Cutting Precision ±0.12mm
Paper Thickness Cardboard 0.1-3mm,    Corrugated paper≤4mm
Max. Working Pressure 320T
Total Power 16.65kw
Net Weight 16.2T
Overall Dimension 6850X3950X2160mm


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