137F1 CIP4 Intelligent cutting machine

LD130 Loader Machine + 137F1 Cutting machine + EG130M EG130M Unloading Paper Machine

137F1 CIP4 Intelligent cutting machine

This line includes lifer, a microcomputer-controlled paper cutter, a fully automatic paper loader machine, and a fully automatic paper unloading machine. This machine can automatically complete the load and unload, clean up, transit, palletizing for various types of paper.

It equipped AC digital servo controlling technology and 10 inches colorful touching screen, the data resolution rate is 0.01mm, Full touch operating system for human computer interface, has self-diagnostic function of troubles and displays the operating pattern,100 program units, over 10000 different cutting positions, it can memorize, store and dynamic follow-up. The max paper-pushing speed is 5-15m/min. It adopts Japanese hydraulic components, Japan and Korean electric components. Japan、Taiwan ball lead screw and linear double guide-rail, PLC control system for electric configurations, Its key parts adopt improved bearing of low maintenance.IR ray protective device is more convenient for cutting with optical knife-line alignment, button operated by two hands, single circulation cutting device etc.

Model / Specifications 137
Cutting width(cm) 137
Max. cutting height without assistance pressing plate(cm) 16.5
Max. cutting depth(cm) 145
Min cutting depth without assistance pressing plate(cm) 3
Extended length of working table(cm) 74
Height of working table(cm) 89-91
Machine width including side working table(cm) 287
Total length of working table(cm) 259
Cutting speed(r/min) 48
Max. Paper pressure(n) 45000
Power of main motor(kw) 4
Motor for paper feeding(kw) 1
Air pump(kw) 0.75*2
Machine weight(kg) 4500
Overall dimension (Length x width x height) (cm) 280x160x215
Model / Specifications EG130M
Max unloading paper size(cm) 90×120
Min unloading paper size(cm) 20×40
Max stack height of paper(cm) 16.5
Min stack height of paper(cm) 4
Max table height form the ground(cm) 140
Min table height form the ground(cm) 20
Max load(kg) 200
Total machine power(kw) 3
Overall dimension (L × W × H)(cm) 290×170×190
Weight(kg) 1200
Model / Specifications LD130
Max feed size(cm) 90*126
Paper pile max height(cm) 140
Max load(kg) 200
Power consumption(an) 8A
Total machine power(kw) 3
Barometric pressure(bar) 6-8
Gas consumption(l/min) 4
Overall dimension(L × W × H)(cm) 270*210*215
Weight(kg) 1200



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