Roll-fed Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine with Handle inline

Roll-fed Automatic Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine with Handle inline

Fully automatic square bottom paper bag machine is designed for the production of paper bags with twisted handles. It is suitable for mass production of shopping bags in industries such as food and clothing. The one-line process consists of twisted handles making from paper rolls and twisted rope, delivery of handles to paste unit, pre-cutting of paper on position of rope, patch position gluing, handle pasting, and paper bag making. The paper bag making process consists of side gluing, tube forming, cutting, creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and bag delivery. This machine adopts German imported high-speed motion controller (CPU), which controls the operation of servo through high-speed bus to ensure stable movement and smooth motion curve. It is the automatic square bottom paper bag equipment with handles inline preferred by the majority of printing and packaging manufacturers.


Main features:

1.Use France SCHNEIDER touch screen human-computer interface, making the machine easy to operate and control.

2.Adopt Germany original LENZE PC control, integrated with optical fiber. Thus ensure stable and high speed running.

3.Adopt Germany original LENZE servo motor and German original SICK photoelectric eye correction, tracking printing bag accurately.

4.Raw material loading adopts hydraulic auto-lifting structure. Unwind unit adopts auto tension control.

5.Raw material unwinding EPC adopts Italy SELECTRA, reducing material alignment time.

The main features of flexo printing :

1.The ink is transported by a separate gear motor, and the ink pump circulates the ink.

2.Use a closed scraper to scrape ink, ensure high-speed printing and prevent ink splash

3.Pneumatic lift and drop mode, automatically start after shutdown, automatically transport ink after printing plate installation,Printing plate automatic printing after booting

4.Independent closed type hot and cold dual function drying system

Model 330T
Cutting length 270-530mm
Cutting length 270-520mm
Cutting length 270-430mm
Cutting length 270-420mm
Bag width 120-330mm
Bag width 220-330mm
Bottom width 70-180mm
Paper Thickness 60-150g/
Paper Thickness 80-150g/
Paper roll width 380-1050mm
Paper roll width 570-1050mm
Roll paper diameter ф1300mm
Paper core ф76mm
Patch length 152mm
patch width 45-50mm
Handle length 320/340mm
Handle distance 75mm
Rope diameter ф4-5mm
Patch paper roll width 90-100mm
patch paper roll diameter ф1200mm
patch paper thickness 100-135g/
Machine Speed 30-200bags/min
production speed for bags without handles 30-180bags/min
production speed for bags with handles 30-150bags/min
Cutting knife Sawtooth cutting
Printing area
Printing width 100-1260mm
Printing length 270-800mm
Printing speed 10-100m/min
Color accuracy ≤±0.20mm
Plate thickness (Including the thickness of the double-sided tape) 2.28mm+0.38mm
Working Air Current More than 0.36m³/ minutes, 0.5-0.8 MPa
Machine weight 2 colors:17T

4 colors:17.7T

Machine size 2 colors:17000*6000*2500mm

4 colors:18500*6000*2800mm

Power Supply 2 colors:380V  3Phase  50KW

4v380V  3Phase  54KW

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